Thursday, 14/12/2017       
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TIFR/PD/CF17-97/171636 20-12-2017 Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Street Lighting Pole and Garden Light Pole At TIFR As Per Attached Tender Documents Download
TIFR/PD/CA17-238/171703 20-12-2017 Hydrogen Generator and Zero Air Generator As Per Attached Specification Download
TIFR/PD/IC17-86/171682 20-12-2017 Laser diode-pumped, solid-state, continuous wave Download
Ref : TIFR/PD/CF17-97/171636 20-12-2017 Corrigendum For S/I/T/C Of Street Lighting Pole and Garden Light Pole For Pre Bid Meeting As Per Attached Sheet. Download
TIFR/PD/CA17-204/171507 20-12-2017 Digital High Voltage Power Supply for Triode Ion Pump and Diode Ion Pump As Per Attached Document Download

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