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People Finder User Guide

PeopleFinder is a web application used for extracting information about people employed in TIFR and across its National Centres and Field Stations. Data gathering and validation is done from varied sources and the process is current & integrated into the TIFR workflow.


The People Finder is used to script various automatic pages.

User Interface Elements

  1. People Search:

    This is a search page for people and associated data. There are various search options available.

  2. Modify Entry:

    Modify Photo: Contact Photography Section to modify photo.

    These pages can be accessed from TIFR campus IP range only. As an alternative, a VPN connection with the TIFR IP range can also serve the request.

  3. Campus Utilities:

    This search utility has two options. Department specific search returns a set of Sections / Subsections associated with the Department and corresponding contact nos. Facility Substring search returns the matching section / facility, associated department, related contact no(s) and fax no.

  4. Other Phonebooks:


    1. Does every user in TIFR have a People Finder Entry ?

      Every user in TIFR having a computer code allotted by the establishment section has a presence in the People Finder.

    2. How to modify the masked fields of department & residential address?

      Contact the Establishment Department and only after a update from them, corressponding changes would be reflected.

    3. I am a newly joined member at TIFR. How to include my name in People Finder Database?

      For all newly joined members, go to New Joined Members Link . Follow along the steps mentioned there.

    4. What if I want to change my email id in my People Finder Entry ?

      You are urged to give your new TIFR email or a TIFR departmental email id (Non-TIFR email will not be entertained) to the dbmaster [AT] along with your ccode.DBMaster will update your email id with verification from your department representative and then you can modify your basic entry and add further details and upload photo.

    5. What do I do to change my designation displayed in my official homepage?

      Any designation change due to promotion will be updated automatically in the People Finder system. Incorrect designation can be reported to the DBMaster by email.

    6. What if I want to change my surname and restname data in my People Finder Entry ?

      Your 'surname' and 'rest of name' parts of name are obtained from Establishment section. Hence, in case changes are needed to be done, please do contact Establishment and only after a trigger from them, corressponding changes would be reflected.

    7. What if I don't want my photograph to be displayed in my official homepage?

      You can submit a modification request in which you can select photo_display to 'N'.

    8. What if I don't want the official homepage & want my custom homepage to link to my name?

      You can go to Modify Entry link. Login with LDAP credentials, MyProfile - Edit Profile, on that page, homepage field can hold the homepage link you want to be displayed.

    9. Why do I get error 'Your IP class is not allowed to view this page!' when I try to view some pages in People Finder?

      For security reasons, some sensitive sections of People Finder are disabled for access from IP ranges outside of TIFR LAN, Colaba colony network & Field stations. As a workaround you can access these pages through a TIFR VPN connection. Pages where these restrictions are enforced, include, Colaba Colony Consolidated Page, Mandala Colony Consolidated Page, Residential Address Search & Modify Entry pages.

    10. Why is my residential address in People Finder records pointing to my hometown address?

      That is the residential address data available in the system while creating your record. You can update to your current local address by contacting Establishment Department. After a trigger from them, corressponding changes would be reflected.

    11. How current is the data in People Finder?

      The data in People Finder is tracking the data in the establishment and hence is very much current. At any point of time, if any user notices a miss / an error of information, user can contact the DBMaster by email. Prompt action is assured.