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Pseudogap state in superconductors

Pratap Raychaudhuri
Pseudogap state in superconductors
Phase diagram of superconducting NbN films as a function of disorder. At high disorder, Cooper pairs do not disappear at the superconducting transition, Tc, but continue to exist up to a much higher temperature, T*, called the pseudogap temperature. ... read more

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Today: Apr 17, 2014

  • Mr. Nairit Sur (TIFR), "Saturation Effects at the CMS-HO Detector for High pT Jets and A Study of Pair Production at 8 TeV in CMS" in AG-66 starts at 1600
  • Dr. Rahul Santhanam (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom), "Beating Brute Force Search for QBF Satisfiability, and Implications for Formula Size Lower Bounds" in AG-80 starts at 1600
  • Apr 18, 2014

  • Dr. Swaprava Nath (Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi), "Social Algorithms and Internet Economics" in AG-80 starts at 1430