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At Prithvi Theatre, Juhu

Chai and Why?

Can we conquer malaria?
Shobhona Sharma

Sunday, 5th August, 2018
11:00 am
Prithvi Theatre

The malaria parasite has to flip-flop from mosquito to man for survival. There is thus a triangular contest between host, parasite and the insect vector. There's war and peace that exists amongst these. Can man win this war?

*** PLEASE BE AT THE VENUE BY 10:50 AM to ensure a seat. Prithvi Theatre has a strict no-late-entries policy ***

At Ruparel College, Matunga (w.r.)

Chai and Why?

Tandoori, Grilled or Barbecued?
The chemistry behind the taste

Yukti Arora

Sunday, 15th July, 2018
11:00 am
D.G. Ruparel College, Matunga (W), Mumbai
Room 7-Arts

Why does toast taste better than plain bread? What makes kebabs so tasty? Why do we use lemon juice or dahi for marinating meat? How is barbecuing different than cooking in a pan? What happens to pizza in an oven? Let's explore some of the chemistry behind the deliciousness....

ENTRY FREE! No pre-registration required. Please be on time. We start punctually.

At Alexandra School, Fort

TIFR@Alexandra School
Chai and Why?

Seven Small Bridges, One Giant Graph Problem

Harita Rawal

In this session, we will try to solve some childhood puzzle like complete a figure without lifting a pen or the famous Koenigsberg bridge problem. We will try to find creative ways to solve these puzzles. The process of solving these problems will also help us understand mathematically why some puzzles can't be solved.


National Science Day celebration @TIFR, Colaba on Feb 25, 2018

Unique opportunity to visit TIFR

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